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Best Practices for Vertical Turbine Pump Repair: Learn warning signs of needed repairs and avoid common mistakes

Pumps & Systems
Publication date: 
June 2018
Gene Vogel, EASA Pump & Vibration Specialist

Vertical turbine pumps (VTPs) are workhorses in the petrochemical, power generation and manufacturing industries, and prolific in municipal water applications that handle the primary intake load. The ability to develop high head with multiple impeller bowls—coupled with the ubiquity of standard vertical motors that can support heavy pump shaft loads—makes VTPs a good choice. Although these machines are ruggedly built, abrasive sediments in the pumpage take a toll, particularly on line shaft and pump bowl bearings, so periodic overhauls are often necessary. Rather than simply replacing the bearings, however, it is important that repairs address all of the issues needed to restore maximum operating life.

This article covers:

  • Common repairs
  • Fit and alignment
  • Bearing-to-shaft clearances
  • Primary repair concerns