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Air Gap: What Is It, What Does It Do, and Why Is It Important?

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Central Time Zone
Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist

The physical air gap between the rotor or armature and the stator or field frame is complex and plays a critical role in the performance of AC and DC machines. Most repairers do not realize how little they understand about this subject.

This webinar will explain the role air gap plays in AC motor performance, how to recognize the symptoms of an uneven air gap, and share corrective measures. For DC machines, this webinar will cover the distinctly different role of the field air gap as opposed to the air gap of the interpoles.

  • Air gap tolerance of AC machines
  • Air gap tolerance of DC fields and interpoles
  • Allowable runout of rotor / armature
  • Recognizing the signs of air gap anomalies
  • Corrective actions
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This webinar will be of benefit to managers, supervisors, winders, mechanics and field service personnel.

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$59 per site
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$199 per site